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Welcome to the Art Gallery

This site is the mirror of the original one at

The Gallery was created, and is maintained, by Dr. Olga Tuzova from St. Petersburg,
Russia, and Yehuda Katz from Herzliya, Israel. Interestingly, all our work and discussions
were carried out via e-mail: as a matter of fact we never met face to face.

The Art Gallery represents many of our favorite images, and includes contributions of
other Logo programmers from all around the world.

The images were selected for their artistic merit and for incorporating interesting
and unusual programming ideas. These are arranged in seven sections, with some 80
images. Each one is accompanied by its MSWLogo code.

Please note, that in order to run the codes, you must first put the supplied library
programs in your logolib directory.

We wish to express our gratitude to all members of the Logo-L listserv. Special thanks
go to Brian Harvey, the author of UCBLogo, and George Mills, the author of MSWLogo,
for their wonderful (and free!) Logo software, and the unlimited willingness to help
and share their rich knowledge and experience.

Our Art Gallery is open-ended: we would love to enrich it with entries from more Logo
enthusiasts, teachers and fans. New suitable programs are welcomed; they will be
credited and put on these pages.

We hope you find our site interesting and valuable;

Olga & Yehuda

Last Update: May 28, 1999

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